VIP Escort Date Ideas in Moscow

Moscow is one of the most romantic cities in the world, whatever the weather. In winter, the snow makes such a beautiful backdrop, and in summer the parks and gardens are green and lively.

Meet me as your Moscow escort and get ready to experience the romance and passion of this amazing city.

Here are some ideas about places where you can enjoy a VIP escort date with me in Moscow.

The Hermitage Garden

This open-air park is conveniently situated in the centre of Moscow, in the Tverskoy district, and is very suitable for couples looking for a romantic place to get to know each other. The Hermitage Garden has many beautiful buildings, including several theatres. In summer time there are many openair concerts and other cultural events. However, the best part is to sit under the trees with a glass of wine and relax together.


Café Pushkin

If you want to experience the taste of 19th Century Russia in my company, then how about we go to this magical restaurant on Tverskaya? With its amazing décor, the antique-filled dining room, and a cuisine combining French and Russian, this is an ideal place to go anytime of the year, and it is open 24/7. We should dress up for the occasion and enjoy the magical atmosphere like a tsar and tsarina!


Visit the Bolshoi Theatre

We Russians are pretty crazy about ballet, and our Bolshoi dance group are the best in the world. A visit to their home on Theatre Square is perfect for a cold winter evening. especially for a romantic date with me as your Moscow escort. If ballet is not your thing, then there are also opera performances, and if you want to taste the Russian VIP life, then I recommend you to visit, and bring me as your charming and discreet companion.


Meet me in Moscow for a thrilling and romantic date